Engineering Concepts & Solutions, Inc.

Student Services Center (Student Union)
Parkland College
Champaign, Illinois

Project Description:

Parkland College - Student Services Center

Originally designed by the post-war educational architect, Ernest J Kump & Associates, Parkland College was conceived as an 'educational village'. The new Student Services Center makes use of the original planning grid that organizes the heart of the campus. The new Center uses and adapts the distinct architecture originally developed by Kump. This allows the new building to fit seamlessly into the existing campus context.

The 115,500 ft2 Center brings together currently disconnected student services into one place, provides students and staff a common gathering space, and provides an internal linkage between three previously disconnected building wings. As a campus composed of many 'buildings' held together with a 'tissue' of corridors, there currently is no distinct front door to the campus. The new Student Services Center provides for the first time a formal and iconic entry to campus for students and visitors alike.

The project establishes a new standard of environmental stewardship for the College. Through the use of advanced techniques, responsible material use, enhanced system design and application of current technology and design thinking, the design will minimize the facilities impact on the local and global community. The project is anticipating LEED® Silver certification. The certification process is still in progress.

Near the end of construction, the student body chose "Student Union" as the new name for the addition. On September 17, 2014, Parkland College had a Ribbon Cutting event to celebrate the official opening of their new Student Union.

Parkland College - Student Services Center


Perkins + Will
Chicago, Illinois

Project Budget:


Completion Date:

September 2014

Services Rendered:

  • Fire Protection
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • LEED

MEP Features:

Parkland College - Student Services Center
  • Wet sprinkler system with fire pump.
  • Energy efficient R-134A centrifugal chiller for chiller plant.
  • Hot and chilled water systems with variable speed pumping.
  • Condensing hot water boilers.
  • Multiple variable air volume systems with economizers.
  • CO2 demand control ventilation.
  • Open protocol DDC system.
  • Infrared controlled water conserving plumbing fixtures.
  • Occupancy sensors and day lighting control.
  • Energy efficient light fixtures (i.e., T5 & T8 lamps and electronic ballast).
  • Demand controlled ventilation integrated with variable flow kitchen exhaust system.